The SECRET Office + Gaming Setup! Gaming

The office tour you’ve never seen featuring the VIZIO P-Series Quantum X 65” 4K HDR Smart TV!  
This video is sponsored by VIZIO. Check out the TV: (or
(OPTIONAL) Use Promo Code JONATHAN for 5% off your purchase (Expires 12/31/19)

Kevin Kenson’s Channel!

Couch – Allie Dark Grey Twin Plus Sleeper Sofa

TV Stand – VIVO Artistic Easel 45”-65” TV Display Stand

Speakers – Abramtek E600 100W Bluetooth Speaker

All-In-One PC – Microsoft Studio Studio (first generation)
Intel Core i7, 2.7GHz 32GB Ram and 2TB Hard Drive

Question Block Lights – Paladone SUper Mario Brothers Question

Wall Decals – I AM 8-Bit Sprites
I AM 8-bit Sprites

Retro TV – Sharp Retro Space Age TV
You can find them on ebay for $200 or less. We got ours for less than $200

Random Video Game Thingies On The Shelf
Tons of books about Zelda…WHO IS A GIRL
Mask from the game Dishonored
Huge golden chainsaw gun from Gears of War
Needler gun from Halo
Rob the Robot
Megaman Helmet
Keyblade from Kingdom Hearts
Links shield and sword from Zelda (who is the girl, Jon)
Slime controller

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