SHE – A tribute to all the women | Ft. Deepthi Sunaina | Mama Sing | Telugu Rap Song MUSIC VIDEO

This video is a small tribute from our crew to all the women. We tried to express our angst against the injustice and evils done to women in India through Rap.
#SHE #DeepthiSunaina #MamaSing #TeluguRap

Mama Crew:
Lead Actress : Deepthi Sunaina –
Concept, Lyrics, Vocals : Mama Sing –
Direction: Mama & Avinash Pendurti –
Music: Hari Krishnan –
Music Support: Sashank Tirupati
Mixing and Mastering : A Uday Kumar
Cinematography : Nani Ainavelli, Avinash Pendurti ( )
Editing & VFX : Avinash Pendurti
Art Department :
Jyothi(art director) –
Shiva( art assistant)
Colorist: Avinash Pendurti, Sanjeev Mamidi
Dance : Aata Satwik –
Stylist: Ch. Sunita
Makeup : Pandu Chalapati
Stills : Akhil Asrit
Production Team: BhanuTeja, Vinay, Srujan, Tulasi
Dancers : Sunny, Jaswanth, Hassan, Deepak, Shahid, Vinod Nayak, Hemanth, Tulasi, BhanuTeja.
Poster Design : Madhu Macherala
In collaboration with THYVIEW, BakwasGang & Manchi Meme Page
Special thanks to
Kondam Manoj Kumar
Sainath Yalakurthi – Thyview
Venkat Deep
Arjun Vadlamudi -camera

Produced by : Chinna Vasu Deva Reddy – IDREAM MEDIA

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