MakerHealth™ Space Puts Power of DIY in Hands of Nurses DIY

MakerNurse and The University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston today unveiled The MakerHealth™ Space at UTMB, the first makerspace in the country for health care providers. Supported in part by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, the MakerHealth™ Space in John Sealy Hospital will empower nurses and other medical staff to bring their ideas for improving health care to life and spread their innovations throughout the health care system.

Over the past two years, MakerNurse has uncovered resourceful nurses across the country who are hacking the supply closet and using everyday materials to improve upon and create new tools and devices that lead to better ways of caring for patients. From cough pillows made out of hospital blankets wrapped in medical tape to tactile patient call buttons using tongue depressors and pieces of silk, these simple fixes, made by nurses, ensure patient comfort and safety.

Closer to the patient than conventional engineering labs in America, nurses are uniquely positioned to spot suboptimal technology and design break-through solutions to improve care. Yet too often their ideas remain a sketch on the back of a napkin. The makerspace at UTMB provides nurses with direct access to robust tools, resources and expertise to build prototypes and test out their ideas.

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