Disneyland Family Trip, Water Splashing Fun With Surprise Toys Review & Toy Bloopers Toy Review


Grace had a great time at Disneyland’s water park activity (2016 summer). She also enjoyed opening Finding Dory and Captain Jake Surprise Toys. Welcome to Grace’s Funhouse! Join us to watch Grace play with all kinds of toys and review toys for kids of all ages. Stay tuned for the entire episodes to also enjoy funny bloopers at the end 😀 We hope you enjoy this episode. Grace loves kinder eggs surprises disney princess. She also loves mashems all kinds of surprise toys, and water park fun. Hopefully you enjoy this water park video with Disney dolls. Enjoy this Disneyland Family Trip, Water Splashing Fun With Surprise Toys Review & Toy Bloopers.

Welcome to Grace’s Funhouse! With this Kids YouTube Toys Review, children of all ages join us and be part of the FUN as Grace partakes in unboxing toys. And we love making kids laugh as evident of our funny clips and toy bloopers, so don’t miss the bloopers for you YouTube kids in our funny toy channel for little kids. Grace also loves fashion, learning, music, singing, arts and crafts, Disneyland, outdoor playing and toys. We hope you enjoy all of our FUN and entertaining kids videos in this kid friendly YouTube channel where Grace loves playing with toys for little kids. Grace truly loves unboxing toys as a toy collector and enjoys playing with toys specially acquiring an egg toys surprise in our episodes.

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